First blog post

when u are going to venture into something new and you are not sure what its outcome will be.. All u just want to do according to your heart cry is reach out to thousands or even millions or more people u cant see physically . You want to give your mind a voice to cry, speak and scream..

oh yea, this is really a bringing to life your imaginations.. Did i hear you say,hmmm……

I am saying welcome to unorthodox …what does unorthodox mean? its a big word for calling something DIFFERENT!!!

I was inspired to do this by my very own wonderful role model ,a beauty and an iCON IN THE BOOK WORLD, CHIMAMANDA NGOZI ADICHIE. IN HER BOOK Americanah. so i thought, i could blog about everything that catches my fancy…

okay, so let us do this….

Tell your friends about about unorthodox.


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