In the silence of the night my mind strayed,

my most inward man, a sad song began to play

All the thoughts of things that could make me gay,

even with a simple sincere prayer,my mind couldn’t conceive again

Oh! I am in so much pain:

Pains that had me feel like the earth, I was going to quake

Common sight has made my heart frail

Wondering and Pondering, I ask if there be need to pray

to say prayers for the motherless whose future look grey,

to say prayers for those called poor by society-who for their food cannot pay,

prayers for great men who have grown weary from pursuing vehicles with items in a tray,

or for the highway hawkers whose sore legs made them go with your ‘change’

My deep thinking of these will bring a change in no way,

so my heavy heart bent my knees and to the God of heaven I begin to pray.

                                                     *          *           *          *    

Ever present God who is everywhere,

the father whose children call trembling in fear,

from a nation of with men and women wallowing in despair

the grief in our hearts, we can no longer bear

draw open the curtains of heaven and let our cries fill your ears

show  compassion and let us see that you care.

Deliver us from the leaders who have scattered the carcasses of our hopes like the bear,

sent our daughters to lands that  ruined them and and caused their backs to bend

stole our food and forced us to beg.

Ever present father who is everywhere,

restore our hope and let us see you care

let the motherless clap in joy knowing that to you, they are dear.

Open the curtains of heaven and let our cries fill your ears,

my soul’s song born by despodence.  

Written by Ezeani Flora.

who do we blame for child trafficking in our society? the government? or we have chosen to leverage on the prevalent menace and fulfill our evil desires. I pray for these children who have been subjected to these harm. I pray for a restoration of hope and love to fill them with light.

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