MUSIC-Interview with Uwgu Henry Chukwunonso.

Hello, I am really excited to have you here on unorthodox. More excited to have to discuss music. But before music can we talk about you. Please tell us a little more about yourself. Thank you for having me on this platform. My name is Ugwu Henry Chukwunonso, an indigen of Enugu state, udi local … Continue reading MUSIC-Interview with Uwgu Henry Chukwunonso.



FLORA:   Helo  Ifeanyi, how do u do? IFEANYI:    I’m fine FLORA:     Ifeanyi I will like you to imagine that as a writer, you decided to publish your biography. Can you please share with us what we will read on the first page. IFEANYI:    Well, I’m not sure what the first page … Continue reading ONLINE INTERVIEW WITH IFEANYI CHUKWUEKEM.