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I LOVED YOU YESTERDAY- what about tomorrow?

I met you in a state called perfect. I had dreamed severally of this perfection but reality, I thought perfection was only an illusion, and when I met you, I realized that our dreams become a reality by chance and time. You were more than I had dreamed. Eyes shaped like almonds, filled with purity, … Continue reading I LOVED YOU YESTERDAY- what about tomorrow?

MONDAY MUSE2- Lessons from last Saturday.

LESSON TWO: What should be your wage, for you have done such a great job. My king my charge for this is five pieces of gold. Five pieces of gold? is that the charge for a king or would you have asked a common man to pay the same amount for this craft? This is […]

SAVE OUR SON- the story of a mother.

This is not your fight Adim, it is not mine either. Whose fight is it then? That poor child's?She was pointing at their dying son in the hospital's intensive care unit. This is the second child Arinze. I love my son and I do not want to lose him. Her eyes were filled with tears … Continue reading SAVE OUR SON- the story of a mother.


My dad was talking. It was one of those holiday mornings when he engaged us in a very long early morning conversation before our morning prayer- a daily ritual. A rare cold morning at 6:25 am. It was also a rare me, I have undergone some kind of mental and emotional transformation that that doesn't … Continue reading HE IS NOT OUR TRIBE.